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Through our expertise and dedication,we transform the plans of the world’s most successful individuals, families and institutions into action so that we can help our clients reach their most ambitious goals.

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The Abacus Limited investing platform is a smart and convenient way to get exposure to digital money. For beginning, you do not need to have knowledge about digital money or cryptocurrencies. Abacus Limited provides the springboard to invest in the new era of digital finance through an operational instant investing platform with seamless user experience. Open an account and start earning in minutes!

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How Abacus Limited platform works

Abacus Limited is generating money by helping Individuals and organizations to invest money online, as we let them invest their money or enable it to flow into Finland to generate legal returns. In this way, we make money from the groups and individuals whose money we take on deposit, retaining fees from those sums with which we deliver the promised returns to our investors.


Organizations who fund their money or enable it to flow into Finland


Investors who are investing their funds


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